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My Story 

Art and aesthetics have always been passions of mine from a young age. It started as a child - I would take stacks of white copy paper and create books of houses that I designed room by room. That raw passion eventually led me to get a BA in Studio Art and Art Education from Texas State University. After graduation I went into education and taught art at a fine arts middle school for eight years. During my time teaching I became ill; I started to create art again as a way to heal and find myself.  Painting just an hour here or there as a therapeutic release turned into a full-fledged passion. I have been painting and refining my style ever since. 


My paintings are created by my life. My childhood, health, healing, travels, relationships, dreams, interest and God are what provide my inspiration. Since aesthetics have always been a part of my life, I work very intuitively  and trust myself as I build up each painting layer by layer. In the end, each painting is a reflection of my soul. It excites me that my artwork serves as a centerpiece around which families and friends will gather and become a cherished part of their lives. It excites me to bring you as much joy as it brought me to create it. I am so grateful to you for sharing this journey with me and I hope to share many more works with you soon.


Thanks for stopping by!


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